2020 guidebooks update!

Read more: 2020 guidebooks update!
We are preparing updates for all our guidebooks, and some news about it, stay tuned!

Brela Kricak!

Read more: Brela Kricak!This winter we have rebolted Brela Kricak climbing crag and will keep maintaining the spot in upcoming years. Brela was one of the first climbing crags in Croatia and surely is one of the best.

Adam Ondra repeat Roctrip!

Read more: Adam Ondra repeat Roctrip!And final day of his visit he went to Drašnice to do Roctrip, the hardest multi pitch in Croatia made and climbed by Klemen Bečan! This amazing wall really blew away Ondra but he fail for onsight. He did the two 8c+ pitches 2nd go, and all other he onsighted. 
Just WOOW!!!

Adam visited Markezina Greda!

Read more: Adam visited Markezina Greda!Ondra visited Markezina Greda, and treated us with climbing rhapsody! With some locals around, he managed to climb the FA of DIOKLECIJAN 8c+/9a in the central wall! 

Adam Ondra in Croatia

Read more: Adam Ondra in CroatiaThe best climber in the world visited Croatia. In just 4 days he managed to climb, what we would say, impossible!
First stop was Paklenica!
Adam had a wish to climb in Anica Kuk, the old route SPOMIN 8c, 350m.
It is and old aid line done by Silvo Karo & Janez Jeglič 1984., finally free climbed by Luka Krajnc last year. Pitches are following: two 6c's or two 6a's, L3 8a+, L4 8c, L5 8b+, L6 8a+, L7 7a, L8 7b+, L9 4. Adam managed to Onsight the route! 

What to say, locals were blown to hear this, welcome Adam!

Skyhook for Vana!

Read more: Skyhook for Vana!Vana Piccini have done Skyhook 7c on Markezina Greda crag!


Read more: ROCTRIP 8c+Finally! Klemen Bečan made FA of the hardest multipitch route in Croatia, ROCTRIP 8c+, 250m monster route in Megawall sector in Drašnice!

Moskito 8b x 2!!!

Read more: Moskito 8b x 2!!!Luka Kivela and Luka Trumbić have done Moskito 8b in Paklenica! For the both this is the hardest grade. Congratulations!!!

Mimice update!

Read more: Mimice update!Vana Piccini and Luka Trumbic were in Mimice...

Millenium for Vana!

Read more: Millenium for Vana!Vana Piccini send Millenium (8a) at Marjan crag! Well done!

Sponzorska plata 8c!

Read more: Sponzorska plata 8c!New 8c in Dalmatia!

Christmas Miracle 2017!

Read more: Christmas Miracle 2017!Young gun from Split in the action!!!

New Multipitch!

Read more: New Multipitch!Paolo i Sara made few new routes...

Dalmatian rapsody!

Read more: Dalmatian rapsody!Dalmatian rapsody in Croatia is going on...

Vrulja report!

Read more: Vrulja report!Jernej Kruder and friends did great job...

10 years after!

Read more: 10 years after!Today on the slopes of Kozjak mountain, Sućurac bouldering area, Jernej Kruder, Slovenian ase, did first repetition of Croatian hardest boulder problem Ptičja gripa 8A+
First ascent was done by Urh Čehovin 10 years ago.
Push the limit!!!

Dalmatian paradise!

Read more: Dalmatian paradise!Jernej Kruder is visiting Dalmatia and he is determent to develope something new. Together with Luka Tambaca and Klemen Kejzar guys mean serious. Vrulja is the name of this area which is located inbetween Split and Makarska. Author of this amazing photo is Luka Tambaca, do you like it?

Drasnice updates!

Read more: Drasnice updates!Time to get in shape!

Follow updates!

Read more: Follow updates!We did update two new areas, Cikola canyon and Smrka, and you can follow bottom links

Cikola canyon

Smrka Brac