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Bobanova Greda!

Read more: Bobanova Greda!Bobanova Greda!

We have published new guide for Bobanova Greda area for just symbolic price of just one dollar! This is new and still pretty small climbing area but with great potential for sport and multi-pitch routes.
As usual we will update mini guide every year. Have a great and safe climbing at Bobanova Greda!

Get your copy here!

Climbing centre in Split!

Read more: Climbing centre in Split!Sport climbing club Marulianus is building a large climbing gym in Split, located at Poljud stadium, from our local football club Hajduk.
So far we have opened just one third for public and we plan to finish the whole project in three years from now.

We will update information here, stay tuned!

Mallorca banned!?

Read more: Mallorca banned!?Check out the latest news from Mallorca, looks like deep water solo mecca is having trouble

Deep water solo Mallorca

Marathon Marjan!

Read more: Marathon Marjan!Today we run rock climbing marathon at our local crag Marjan in Split!

It is the first time to organize such an event and it is first big event after year 1986, when we had "Marjan 86" the greatest rock climbing competition, that time the fourth rock climbing competition in the world.
We bring some pictures...

Read more: Marathon Marjan! Read more: Marathon Marjan!

Bouldering season starts!

Read more: Bouldering season starts!As first cool wind starts to blows it's time for bouldering!!! Dalmatian boulder hot spots are very good besides it's impossible to climb at summertime.
We have visited Texas at Mosor mountain where limestone monolith boulders are spread around in beautiful surroundings and Barbara Gilic (Scarpa) SPK Marulianus, have sent Debela guza fb7a+, very popular slopery classic problem.
Great start, way to go!

Read more: Bouldering season starts! Read more: Bouldering season starts!

Glavno da se klajmba!!!

Read more: Glavno da se klajmba!!!Memorial event Glavno da se klajmba will be organized at October 5th till October 8th at Brela - Biokovo area.

Check this link for more info

One project less...

Read more: One project less...At Markezina Greda climbing crag. Ivan Lisica send Bebito 8a, new bouldery line just left from classic Skyhook.

Keep on rockin' Lija!!!

Stiniva Hvar island!!!

Read more: Stiniva Hvar island!!!We are publishing appeal from our friends from the island of Hvar!!!

Stiniva in August - Shame on you fellow climbers!!!

This is what climbers have left behind in Stiniva cave sector this August. Fellow climbers, this is a complete shame and is endangering the crag’s possibility to survive.

Some of the rock and approach roads in Stiniva are private and we are grateful to the owners for letting us use private property to enjoy our sport. This way, our reputation with the local community is not going to remain good and we are going to start seeing problems. The worst that can happen is closing parts or the entire area for climbing.

There is a good restaurant and a good cafe on the beach. Please, drink a coffee or beer there and use their toilets. DO NOT DO THIS TO THE NATURE. It is not your right to do so.

Thank you for caring for the nature and the local community. We have big plans with Stiniva, which is a unique location with great rock and wonderful sea. Let’s not loose it.

Thank you.

Just as a note to all we also copy this link from UK Climbing about the same problem at Magic wood. Isn't it a time to wake up dear climbers?
Check it out here

DWS photo moments!

Read more: DWS photo moments!This year, more than ever, we had many foreign climbers coming to Croatia for deep water solo experience.Check out some pictures we took...

Missing hangers in Paklenica!!!

Read more: Missing hangers in Paklenica!!!Croatian Mountain rescue team appeals climbers in Paklenica, Anica Kuk, not to take off hangers from belays!!!
It was noticed that hangers are missing from the first three belays from the route Jenjavi 7a+ and these belays are in use when rescue actions are going on!!!

Here is the link

Deep Water Solo 2013!!!

Read more: Deep Water Solo 2013!!!New edition is published!!!

97 at Markezina Greda!

Read more: 97 at Markezina Greda!New route/project was bolted at this amazing crag yesterday. There is now 97 routes in total and we can't wait to have round number.
The season just started at this location and although there are hard routes with hard grades at Markezina Greda, we cannot say anything but to recommend it to all!

Memorial climbing event!

Read more: Memorial climbing event!We gathered together in a memory of our late friend Josko at Markezina Greda crag. Nice group of people, enjoyed together remembering great time we spent together with Josko throughout the years.


Read more: Excelsior!New multipitch route in Omis!

DWS 2013!

Read more: DWS 2013!Finally...
New deep water solo season is here and we are ready as never before. We really look forward to check out old and new areas and we hope we will have great weather and some great ascents this summer in Dalmatia!

Join us for adventure!!!

Rock Climbing Season 2013!

Read more: Rock Climbing Season 2013!Spring is here!!!
Rock climbing season slowly wakes up, today we hosted our friends from Germany at our local crag Marjan, first rock climbing trip this year!

Join us in 2013!

Dalmatia Climbing Team

Il Marattoneta exclusive!!!

Read more: Il Marattoneta exclusive!!!Exclusive news about Ill Marattoneta!


Read more: IL MARATTONETA!!!Important achevement for Croatian climbing!

New areas, New Sectors!!!

Read more: New areas, New Sectors!!!We are keeping the pace in 2013!
Here is a new sector at Bobanova greda with new routes ready to climb. The time is just perfect for all your activities, so what are you waiting for?

We bring you topos for multipitich routes at this location!

Read more: New areas, New Sectors!!! Read more: New areas, New Sectors!!!