New Year in Split!!!

Read more: New Year in Split!!!Great weather for climbing

As usual, finally we have some great weather for climbing. Sunny Dalmatia showed it's face just when we needed to. So many guests climbers came here to visit, mostly Slovenian climbers, and to have fun climbing in beautiful weather.

New Year celebration will be organized at main promenade and it will last all night long with some of the great local music bands!

Happy New Year all!

New look for Dalmatia Climbing!

Read more: New look for Dalmatia Climbing!Welcome to brand new!

We are the team of climbers from Dalmatian part of Croatia wanting to share our wonderful and unique climbing areas and experiences with you. This web site will keep the information's available for all foreigners wanting to visit Croatia.

Please do let us know what you think of it and share with us your needs if wanting to come for climbing trip in Croatia.

Some links and tags still need to be updated and published!

Dalmatia Climbing Team


Read more: Frozen!!!Even Dalmatia went white!

This extreme winter conditions got us, too, here in worm and sunny Dalmatia :-)

At least we don't expect it to last, and we can't wait to get back outdoors for rock climbing!

Picture report from Markezina Greda!

Bobanova Greda, new hot spot!

Read more: Bobanova Greda, new hot spot!We are developing this amazing area...

Bobanova Greda, East part of Kozjak mountain will effect you for sure. This pretty much new area is slowly developing (as we are trying to get more material) but already now it's a beauty. There is more than 20 long and quality routes in three sectors, and number is growing on daily bases, awaiting just for you to visit.

We are sure in the future Bobanova Greda area will be very popular rock climbing area!

Check out for updates here!

New Dalmatian project wall!

Read more: New Dalmatian project wall!Biokovo Makarska

We are negotiating with local authorities for financial support in order to equip this brand new area.

Check out more photos...

Klobuk Mosor area!

Read more: Klobuk Mosor area!

New climbing area near Split is in focus of local climbers...

Creme de la creme of all dalmatian climbing areas slowly grow up, getting more and more popular for locals. We have published information about this place and we are updating data with brand new guide, what you can find here.