Biokovo Bouldering

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Post published: 12.07.2012
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Biokovo Bouldering


Sime Malenica, Ricky Martin 7B

Huge area with so much rock all around would be really strange if there were no boulders.
Monolite limestone boulders were discovered just few years ago and it's developing on daily bases. There are few more locations which we need to discover, yet.

Bouldering area is located inside of Park of the Nature Biokovo and bouldering locations are marked green on the map.


Boulder  1

a) Buhač 6A
b) Dugme 6C
c) Bijelo dugme 7B+ (sit start., desno, pa kroz Dugme)
d) Bijakovo 6C (sit.start)
Boulder 2
Ante Gotovina 5C
Boulder 3
Netjak 6B
Boulder 4
a)Braco 6A
b)Seka 6C
(oba bouldera jednak sit.start. (poduplat pad), Braco u livo, Seka u desno)

Boulder 1
Godišnji odmor 6A (sit.start, prečka l-d)
Boulder 2
Don Kaćunko 6A
Boulder 3
Od sumraka do zore (7B) (sit.start)
Boulder 4
Idila 6C (sit.start)
Boulder 5
Debeljko 6C (sit.start)
Boulder 6
2011 6A (sit.start, prečka d-l)
Boulder  7
Balans 6A (sit.start)
Boulder 8
a) Jeti 6A (sit.start)
b) Dyno 6B
c) Jaja na razdeljak 6C (prečka l-d)
Boulder 9
Bezimeni  7A (sit.start)

Boulder 10

a)Muflon 5A
b)Balkanac 6A (sit.start)
c) Ricky Martin 7B (startna hvatišta – x)
d) La vida loca 7A
e) Bouldermama 6B
f) Robert Plant 7A (sit.start)
g) Bijeli očnjak 7A+ (sit.start)
h) Timski rad 6B (sit.start)

Boulder 11
Cajka 6A (sit.start)
Boulder 12
Ju Jitsu 7B+ (sit.start)
Boulder 13
Piccolo 6A (sit.start)
Boulder 14
A je to 6C (sit.start)
Boulder 15
Lolek i Bolek 7A+ (startna hvatišta – o)
Boulder 16
a) Zvrk 6B
b) Sv.Stipan 6C
(oba bouldera jednak sit.start., Zvrk - direktan izlaz, Stipan-prečka l-d)
Boulder 17
a) Pearl Jam 7B
b) Babulj 6C
(oba bouldera jednak start., Babulj-izlaz direktno desno, Jam – u livo, pa izlaz)
Boulder 18
Unučić 7A (sit.start)
Boulder 19
Motivacija 6A (sit.start)
Boulder 20
Uncas 6A (sit start)

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