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Post published: 12.07.2012
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BIOKOVO mountain range is a pearl of all Dalmatian mountains for it's beauty and exposure to Adriatic sea. Big part of Biokovo was proclaimed a Nature Park in 1981. because of its geomorphology and its biological diversity.
More about Nature Park and it's offer and notes you can find at official web page.

Biokovo mountain with the highest peak Sv.Jure 1762m is one of the highest Dalmatian mountains, situated one hour driving south from Split. With its numerous big walls, it is the fastest growing multi pitch area in the whole Croatia with bolted routes up to 850m, mostly graded about 6a-6c. Right now there is about 100 multi-pitch routes.
Best season for climbing multi-pitch routes in Biokovo is from May to October and if you want to climb in Brela, the winter is the best time to do it.

Sport climbing routes are also growing and developing and more and more locations are organized and available. In the south part of Biokovo, there is also a very nice and quiet sport climbing area BRELA. It has about 70 routes in very compact vertical limestone graded from 5a-7c+.

Bouldering is growing constantly and one area is great for visit.

We are working to publish climbing guide for Biokovo soon!

Further below we bring you notes and Code of conduct for Nature Park Biokovo area.



Important note!
Do not go alone on the mountain, wear suitable clothing and footwear and sufficient quantities of water since Biokovo has no drinkable (spring) water, or mountain lodge open.
Since the ground is hard, stony, full of rocks and moving screes with much bulk materials with the danger of snakes wear high and tight shoes.
Because of the possibility of sudden and abrupt weather changes, and altitude and temperature difference bring warm clothing - raincoat or windbreaker.
Do not forget a hat and sunscreen in the case of strong sunlight.
Before leaving for the mountains do not forget to check the weather forecast (weather and road conditions 060 520 520) to avoid the dangers that may be caused by bad weather.
Use only fire in a designated and marked places, before leavingthoroughly extinguish the remains of the fire.
Camping is not allowed in the Park except in special cases with permission from the Institution.
When climbing or descending the mountain, it is banned to knock rocks down a steep slope. Take all litter with you and dispose of in the space provided.
On the Nature Park Biokovo there are plenty of rare and endangered plants so do not pick or destroy their habitat, do not frighten and kill animals or destroy their habitats. This becomes particularly true for snakes and lizards, because among them there are many threatened and endangered species. You can defend yourself from a snake by frightening it and scaring it away, not only killing it, because snakes do not attack unless attacked.
The only venomous snake on Biokovo is the viper and in case of a bite it is necessary to seek professional medical care immediately. The bitten person should be immobilized and immediately transferred to hospital.
After returning from the wild shake clothes and the examine for ticks that may be carriers of dangerous diseases to humans if they are infected, which has not yet been the case on Biokovo. In the case of tick bite or a significant reaction to stings or bites of other insects, contact your doctor, and use prevention is to protect yourself with the proper means.

In the event of an accident in the mountains or other difficult terrain call:

•    Unique operative communication center, tel.: 112
•    The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (www.gss.hr):
Emergency phone call – station Makarska
Mob.: +385 (0)91 721 0011
Stanica Makarska
A.G. Matoša 1
21 300 Makarska

Other important telephone numbers:
Police: 192
Ambulance: 94
Firefighters: 193


Code of Conduct

The Nature Park is a large natural or partly cultivated area with high esthetic, ecological, educational, cultural, historical and tourist and recreational values.

The Nature Park Biokovo is protected by law of nature and therefore visitors are advised to respect the following:

- Do not pick, collect, remove the habitat and damage plants, trees and shrubs
- Do not collect snails and mushrooms, and not to pick medicinal herbs
- Do not chasing away, persecuted, harassed, capture, kill and injure animals
- Do not carry weapons
- Do not damage nests and cavities of animals
- Do not touch and break the cave decorations (speleothems) destroy and collect fossils and fossil remains, and destroy and alienate any other valuables caves and cave can be visited only with a guide or by agreement with the Speleological section or club operating in a particular area, and you must obtain the permission of the competent ministry and approval of the Institution
- Do not camp, which is permitted only with the approval of Public Facilities in certain cases
- Do not light fires and fireplaces except in places that are adapted and specially designated for this purpose
- Do not leave any litter in the nature park, but put it in a bag and dispose of it in a container at the entrance or at another space provided for it
- Do not pollute streams, springs and reservoirs of drinking water
- Free movement of dogs is prohibited in the Nature Park recording and photographing nature in the park for commercial purposes is permitted only with special permission
- Move only in the areas and trails that are designated and intended for sightseeing and visiting collaborate with the park staff
- To seek prior permission of the Public institution "Nature Park Biokovo" and to inform clubs who have registered for this if they want to deal with specific recreational activities such as caving (with the permission of the competent ministry and approval of the institution), paragliding and flight gliding, climbing, photographing, and to register these activities at the entrance to the Park
- To fly gliders and paragliders at their own risk, and only on allowed and selected starts with the necessary authorization
- Respect the traffic rules and speed limits of the Biokovo road, which is specific, and frequently require passing cars at curves
- To use the Biokovo road at your own risk
- To purchase a ticket for the entry into the park nature and to keep it until exiting the park, and to show it at the request of officials
- Bring suitable clothing and athletic shoes and drinking water and dry food
- Information regarding the nature park slope can be obtained by field personnel at the entry desk, and the Public institution "Nature Park Biokovo" in Makarska or Podgora-village.

Respecting and following the rules of conduct keep the Nature Park Biokovo and its exceptional beauty and value, while the non-compliance and noncompliance is a lighter or gross misdemeanor, which entails certain measures by the officials or supervisors of the Nature Park.



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