Bobanova Greda

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Post published: 12.07.2012
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Bobanova Greda


BOBANOVA GREDA is a new sport climbing area located at Kozjak mountain range, between Rupotine (Solin) and Markezina greda (Klis).  The name of this part of Kozjak is Orljak, and locals call it Bobanova Greda.South facing wall high up to 100 meters, counts around 20 routes, pretty much all sport routes, but it is still in the process of equipping by local climbers from Marulianus club.Fantastic view and amazing surrounding give this place a big bonus! 

Equipping with bolts started 2008. by locals Daniel Piccini and Steve Whittall.
Authors thought about safety a lot, so bolting is reasonable and friendly here.
So far there is more than 20 new routes, up to 110meters, but in general, sport routes up to 35 meters. The grades are from 5b-7a+, but potential for new routes is enormous.
The type of the rock is limestone. Holds are sharp.

Bobanova greda crag is a perfect for climbing all year long, but the best would be at spring and autumn.

Orientation is south and rock is mostly vertical.

Climbing at Bobanova Greda will surely efect you. This romantic place gives unique experience and beautiful memories, like all other Dalmatian climbing crags.

There is no guide for this area, here we bring you list of routes and some topos for easier orientation.

Have a great and safe climbing at Bobanova Greda!


List of routes

 Three routes on the right are classic!!!

1.The Good, 7a+,15m,
2.The Bad, 6b,15m,
3.The Ugly, 6b,  15m,
4.Dalmatina, 7a, 38m
5.Stani Pani, 6b(4b, 6b, 6a), 135m
6.Pastafazol, 6b+, 40m

7.Bunkerov smjer,
6a(6a,6a,4a,3), 130m

8.Baketina, 6c, 23m,
9.Dibidus, 6b, 23m,
10.Love on the rocks, 6a+, 25m,
11.New life, 5c, 25m,
12.Iceman , 6b+, 33m,
13.Jeti, 6c, 33m,
14.Lipotan , 6c+, 25m,
15.Quasar, 7a (6b,6c,7a), 80m,
16.Kauboji, 6c+, 25m,
17.Space race, 6c+, 30m,
18.Power and glory,  7a, 30m
19.Running free, 7a+, 30m,
20.In my head Rakija, 7b, 30m


Additional info about Quasar - We suggest you to make additional belay in the third pitch, after the roof, near the tree and one bolt to avoid rope drag! In case you  do, than situation with pitches and grades is next: 6b(20m), 6c(30m), 7a(15m), 6a(25m). Obligation grade 6c!
Check the picture!

21.Thor, 6c, 26m,
22.Razbibriga,6a/a+, 24m
23.Fundać, 6a+, 20m,
24.Sundance, 5b, 26m,
25.Debrecenka, 5c, 24m,

Sector A Velika ploca Bunkerov smjer ...

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