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We will bring you some useful information about Dalmatia, the trafic, how to come, weather, indoor climbing gyms etc.

Driving in Croatia

Some Useful Information Driving in Croatia is similar to many other European countries, although there are a few things to bear in mind and, given that it is better to
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Help local climbing community!

All publications on this web site are ownership of Dalmatia Climbing team and we make it available.
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Indoor Climbing Gym's in Split

INDOOR CLIMBING GYM'S IN SPLIT If you are visiting Split and having a bad luck with weather or something similar, you can try to get to one of our
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Seasons in Dalmatia

Very shortly we will bring you some information about different times of year, just few lines about each. Dalmatian region have an opportunity for rock climbing activity throughout all
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Rest day in Dalmatia

What to do on your rest day? Rest day in Dalmatia  Dalmatian region is very rich with spectacular landscapes and amazing locations.
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Equipping new routes in Dalmatia

We care about our nature and rock. We create new climbing areas, together with local population and we determent the regulations all climbers need to respect.
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Rock climbing and Environment

Environmental groups and rock climbers are always at loggerheads because of the impact of rock climbing on the environment.
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Dalmatia Climbing Team

Dalmatia Climbing Team are few climbers from Split, the largest town in Dalmatia, and second largest in Croatia.
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Dalmatia climbing

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Climbing guides broth to you by local climbing community - Dalmatia Climbing Team & Sport Climbing Club Marulianus
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