Dalmatian rapsody!

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Post published: 07.01.2016
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Dalmatian rapsody!



in his project. Photo by Luka TambacaDalmatian rapsody in Croatia is going on...

If you remember, during the last couple of years we were predicting what's happening today just because we are aware what do we have around our home, tons of rock!
Anyway we were covered with climbers all over the world throughout those last two weeks. Amazing weather did it's job also, climbing without shirt at the end of December is special!
Our next plan is  to organize bolting weekend for Drasnice, we have material already, Bolting weekend in Vrulja and Mimice, and bolting weekend in Makarska. All of those activities will be done until May, we are very ambicious.
If you want to join us, do contact us over email!

Some info about route ascents:
-Slovenski san, 8a+, 40m, FA:J.Kruder, Vrulja
-Sipar direkt, 8a+, , FA: J.Kruder, Vrulja
-Gusjenica samoubojica, 8a, FA: J.Kruder, Mimice, 1st rep Gasper Pintar
-Gas Gas, 8a, FA: J.Kruder,  Mimice, 1st rep Gasper Pintar
-Perun Uprising direkt, 7c, FA: I.Lisica, Perun

-Pticja gripa 8A+, first repetition J.Kruder
-Blade runner 8A, Tugare, J.Kruder, K.Kejzar
-Poker face 7C+, Tugare, J.Kruder
-Bumbarov let, 7C, Texas, N.Kramaric

Vrulja, new area. Photo by Luka Tambaca

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