Deep Water Solo!!!

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Untouched new area, Biokovo mountain in the distance
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Deep Water Solo!!!


[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]Great news fro Ciovo, the best deep water solo area near Split!

August brings a lot of news from deep water solo, specially from Ciovo area. Some great lines have been repeated and some new as well.
Victor and Adrian Bauch, brothers from Frankenjura have repeated many nice lines up to 7c, including Ciovo benchmarks Psihobloc and Parabolica, two classic 7c routes. Congrat guys!

Klemen Becan, Slovenian Pro climber, who is visiting Dalmatia, went to Ciovo and he managed to repeat some old and send some new lines. Lokalac 7b+, Psihobloc 7c and some other routes were repeated. Most significant ascent came from project line in the middle of Granit sector.  Klemen managed to send the hardest route at Ciovo, previous project line 15 meters high, Psihoterapija 7c+ and tried some other, possible 8a, but had to leave something for next visit.

Klemen was very psyched for deep water solo and he adopted really fast. He is coming back for sure and we will prepare some crazy lines for this guy.

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