Equipping new routes in Dalmatia

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Post published: 31.05.2012
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Equipping new routes in Dalmatia


[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]....happy moments :-)We care about our nature and rock. We create new climbing areas, together with local population and we determent the regulations all climbers need to respect. We take care of our climbing areas and safety a lot, specially bearing in mind sea effect as most of our climbing areas are close to the coast.
This is why we want only but the best materials in our cliffs and all of you who want to bolt new routes in our country, you are more than welcome to do it, but please do let us know what and where would you like to do such a project and we can provide all necessary info about the place and even topos if needed.
Not every piece of rock is possible to bolt and it’s not necessary, and some locations are sanctum for locals, please respect it.
Help us to maintain our climbing region in best possible way!

Materials we use in Croatia
-stainless steel glue in bolts minimum diameter 9mm
-regular mechanical stainless steel bolts minimum diameter 10mm
-resident for glue in bolts should be epoxy bases

Glue in boltsResponsibility
We demand from the potential authors in all Dalmatian region to provide information's and topos of all new established routes or even areas!
This is very important for us to keep the track with all eventual news on the field in case of any future misunderstandings at any level.
Dalmatian climbing community will be thankful for contribution of domestic or foreign climbers in any way.

Thank you for understanding!

Dalmatia Climbing Team

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