Help local climbing community!

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Post published: 16.07.2012
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Help local climbing community!



All publications on this web site are owned by the Dalmatia Climbing team and we make it available. Purchasing one of the mini guides available on this web site, you are helping the local climbing community.
From every sold mini guide we collect the funds for new bolts to develop our region. 

Other option is to buy climbing guide Croatia, once here, in our local climbing store in Split

Please, we need to hear from you whether you like our products or not. What would you improve and what else do you think about it. This will help us to provide all possible info you need while visiting our country.

Thank you for your contribution!

Dalmatia Climbing Team

Dalmatia climbing

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Climbing guides broth to you by local climbing community - Dalmatia Climbing Team & Sport Climbing Club Marulianus
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