Bobanova Greda


Bobanova Greda is one of the many climbing crags that Kozjak mountain range offers to climbers.




It is a new climbing area but we are sure it will become very popular among local climbers because of beautiful surroundings and spectacular views and, off course, beautiful routes. Equipping with bolts started 2008. by locals Daniel Piccini and Steve Whittall. Authors thought about safety a lot, so bolting is reasonable and friendly here.

So far there is about 20 new routes, up to 80 meters, but in general, sport routes up to 35 meters. The grades are from 5b-7a+, but potential for new routes is enormous. The type of the rock is limestone. Holds are sharp. Bobanova greda crag is a perfect for climbing all year long, but the best would be at spring and autumn. Orientation is south Rock is mostly vertical.

Mini guides has been done by local climbers who contributed equipping many sport climbing routes in Dalmatian region. We will update all mini guides every year, after season is finished. With buying mini guides from this web site you will help local climbing community. We invest these founds for developing and equipping new routes! Due to this we would like to have your evaluations about our mini guides. Let us know how do you like it and did it meet your expectations. Once you bought it through Pay Pal you will get the link for download (link is alive for 3 days or 5 x downloads). Climbing guides are PDF file which you can print or read it online. This format has been adjusted for smart phones!

Enjoy Climbing in Dalmatia!

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