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Post published: 12.07.2012
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[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]RUPOTINE is a small but very nice climbing area located 7 km from Split on the way to Markezina greda. It has about 20 routes, 15-30m high, and endurance routes with difficulties from 6b to 8a. The best season to climb there is from fall to spring. In the winter all routes are usually wet.

Sector Tocilo

1. Rapsodija, 7c, 10m,
2. No.1, 7a, 10m,
3. Hezbollah, 6c, 15m,
4. Pozitivan stav, 8a+, 22m,
5. Mucke, 8a, 22m,
6. Let 3, 7c+, 26m,
7. Nostradamus, 7c+, 22m,
8. Salona, 7c, 20m,
9. Najslabija karika, 7c, 20m,
10. Last action hero, 7c, 18m,
11. Bitka na Neretvi, 7a+, 15m,
12. Veronikina tajna, 7b, 15m,
13. Grunf, 6b+, 12m,
14. Boubble trouble, 6c+, 12m,
15. Digi bau, 6b+, 13m,
16. Utrke beba, 6b+, 12m,
17. Grunfonika, 6c, 15m,

Sector ploca
1. Pristupna duzina, 5b,
2. Mljacko, 7a, 30m,
3. Kameni svatovi, 6c, 30m,
4. Karate Kid, 6c, 30m

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