Seasons in Dalmatia

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Post published: 08.07.2012
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Seasons in Dalmatia



Very shortly we will bring you some information about different times of year, just few lines about each.

Dalmatian region have an opportunity for rock climbing activity throughout all year round. While talking about seasons, we think in the sense of climbing, off course.

Dalmatian autumn is something to remember. The best time of year for many people living here and it’s maybe the most important ‘cause of harvesting time (wine, olives).
Rock climbing at this time of year is unforgettable and we definitely recommend it.
Very worm days with stabile weather, and sea temperature is great for swimming.

Average air temperature:
-October 17 C
-November 12 C
-December 10 C


Very milled winter climatic conditions gives us really good rock climbing conditions and great friction for climbing hard routes. Short winter days are great for climbing, starting early morning and finishing about 4-5pm. Give’s you free afternoon for visiting Split and surroundings in leasure way.

Average air temperature:
-January 8 C
-February 8 C
-March 11 C


If the winter happened to be dry according to weather forecast statistic’s, spring is maybe the best time of year to visit our country. We can climb longer(comparing to winter conditions), almost until 8 pm.
Spring time in Dalmatia, with many different green color’s, surely is maybe most beautiful time of year here. Everything around us is awaking, nature starts to bloom again – perfect to be here.

Average air temperatures:
-April 14 C
-May 19 C
-June 23 C

Summertime in Dalmatia equals lots of sun and very hot days and nights.
Visiting Dalmatia at summertime means a lots of swimming in Adriatic sea or refreshing in Croatia’s beautiful rivers or lakes. Refreshment is necessary every day, so if you are eager to climb some hard routes, this is maybe not the best time for you to visit.
Very popular climbing discipline in Dalmatia is deep water soloing cause of high temperature, so you can have great climbing practice and refreshment at once.

Average air temperature:
-July 26 C
-August 26 C
-September 22 C

404 islands are forming National ParkThe average sea temperature:
-May is 18-20 C / 66 F
-June 22-24 C / 73 F
-July 25-27 C / 78 F
-August 25 C / 77 F
-September 24 C / 75 F
-October 20-22 C / 70 F

Adriatic is a very friendly sea, nothing to be afraid from. We don’t have sharks, jelly fish or any other dangerous creature in our sea, you can be relaxed and enjoy every second of it. Even the tide and current are nothing to be bothered about so even average swimmers can fully enjoy.
Deep water solo potential in Croatia is enormous! Almost every island has cliffs on the south side, and Croatia is known as a country with 1000 islands!


Anyway, we wish you great holidays in our country and don’t forget we  are organizing rock climbing trips on daily bases, weekend’s or 7 day rock climbing trips on low budget – check it out!

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