Brac island

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Post published: 22.11.2015
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Brac island


New climbing area, very possible future hot spot!Island of Brac is the largest Dalmatian island and closest to Split with in 45min drive by ferry. Brac is great outdoor zone and from this fall it does become important location for climbers, finally we would say.

Smrka canyon
Local enthusiasts managed to achieve and realize the project in Smrka canyon and equipp impresive wall with 25 new routes up to 50 meters of height. French tem « exellence climbing » were set and did amazing job in just ten days from 22nd-31st October 2015.
The season for climbing is spring, summer, fall, but we would say even some winter days if the winter is dry.
Everyone who saw this wall claim it will be the hot spot of Croatian climbing !

West, North west

Type of rock
Overhanging limestone


400m long Barrier



1. A Brač adabra 7a+ , 30m                                                                                                          

2. Croate qui peut 7a+, 32m

3: Old man blues 7a+, 32m

4. Gros Quick 7b+, 30m

5. Space di Kuna 7a, 38m

6. Clear Dark 7a+, 38m

7. Bric à Brač? , 25m

8. El Patator 8a, 38m

9. A base in Brač 7c, 35m

10. Un 8 à 100 euros,  8b, 46m, FA : Mathieu Bouyoud,

11. Olive Holds 8a+, 30m

12. I believe I can fly 8a, 33m

13. The Ninosaure 8a+/8b, 40m,FA: Mathieu Bouyoud

14. La bura dura, 8b+, 43m,

15. Non de Zeus, 8c, 40m,

16. Rendez-vous, 8a, 50m , FA : Mathieu Bouyoud,

17. Brač à gauche, 8a, 50m, FA : Mathieu Bouyoud

18. Glagolitic line 8a+, 35m

19. Tufa addict 8b, 35m,

20. Happiness therapy 8a, 35m,

21. Crabe power 8a, 38m

22. Brač le Bol 7c+, 30m

23. Prends-moi là ! 8b, 35m, FA: Mathieu Bouyoud

24. A Kuna Matata 7c+, 40m

25. Carinthia line 6c+, 40m

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