Stiniva Hvar island!!!

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Post published: 30.09.2013
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Stiniva Hvar island!!!


[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]...We are publishing appeal from our friends from the island of Hvar!!!

Stiniva in August - Shame on you fellow climbers!!!

This is what climbers have left behind in Stiniva cave sector this August. Fellow climbers, this is a complete shame and is endangering the crag’s possibility to survive.

Some of the rock and approach roads in Stiniva are private and we are grateful to the owners for letting us use private property to enjoy our sport. This way, our reputation with the local community is not going to remain good and we are going to start seeing problems. The worst that can happen is closing parts or the entire area for climbing.

There is a good restaurant and a good cafe on the beach. Please, drink a coffee or beer there and use their toilets. DO NOT DO THIS TO THE NATURE. It is not your right to do so.

Thank you for caring for the nature and the local community. We have big plans with Stiniva, which is a unique location with great rock and wonderful sea. Let’s not loose it.

Thank you.

Just as a note to all we also copy this link from UK Climbing about the same problem at Magic wood. Isn't it a time to wake up dear climbers?
Check it out here

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