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Post published: 12.07.2012
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[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]Legendary top out from Psihotest 6a, Ivica Franceschi

It is the oldest Deep Water Solo area in Croatia. It is located in Split, near the city center.
Sustipan is a small hill, very beautiful, with nice shady park on the top, nice to sit and chill out. In the past, here was a city cemetery.
Sustipan cliffs are mainly 6-10m high and the routes are usually overhanging (or very overhanging) with large holds-pockets. Right now there are about 25 routes up to 7c. For Sustipan deep water soloing you don't necessarily need a boat because it is possible to reach the cliffs from the neighboring beach. There is a coffee bar right next to it, where you can put your staff and traverse to the main sectors.

1) Sector Psihotest – first climbable wall you will see is the first sector. Over here you need to be careful of water depth! In the morning low tide, on some spots water is not deep enough, so beware! The routes are ending up on the top of the wall!
Melita 6c+ is the most popular climb.
This place in the season is very popular for jumping off, so you can expect lots of kids jumping all around – watch out, nothing major, but be careful.

2) Sector Overhangs – Very popular area due to its great routes, very overhanging with lot’s of holds and pockets. Routes are not too high, up to 6-7 meters what makes it more popular. Zabluda 7a, is the most popular climb here.

Climbing guide for this and nearby areas you can buy here!

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