Visit Croatia!!!

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Post published: 29.12.2012
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Visit Croatia!!!


[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]...Here are some flight options to Split in 2013!!!


To Split


With all the flights announced from Split, Dalmatia, Croatia in 2013, the choices are enviable, but finding a destination is just the first step.Prices vary wildly according to month of departure, seat availability and those add-on costs.

We have had the look at the availability of flights from one of the most popular routes, London Gatwick to Split with Easy Jet, and come up with the cheapest flights currently for each of the six month that they fly. We went through the booking engine, and the only additional costs to these prices were a credit/debit card fee of £3,20 and luggage if required.

London to Split £57.18 all inclusive sounds pretty good. Book now.

 - Depart LGW April 29    £30.49  Return Depart SPU May 10    £23.49

- Depart LGW May 13     £31.29   Return Depart SPU May 23      £23.49

- Depart LGW June 16    £44.-49  Return Depart SPU June 21      £50.49

- Depart LGW July 17    £77.49   Return Depart SPU July 25     £50.49

- Depart LGW August 13    £43.49   Return Depart SPU August 21      £78.49

- Depart LGW Sept 11    £31.49   Return Depart SPU Sept 19      £96.49


£3.20  booking fee


All other costs included, exept baggage, which is £30 for online booking, a lot more at the airport.


Check out the web page http://www.easyjet.com/en

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