Vrulja report!

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Post published: 07.01.2016
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Vrulja report!



Girls from Split are special, both agree on this :-)Jernej Kruder and friends did great job...

....over the last couple of days and bolted 16 new routes on two brand new areas, Vrulja and Mimice. We will continue to develope those areas and we are sure it will be great. Kruder also saw famous girls from Split and there is a gossip now he is loooking for a house here...
Also our friends from Italy Andrea Polo, Gabriele Gorobey and Davide Gaeta did some research and they will join us very soon for equipping brand new area above Makarska with amazing potential.

Dalmatian rapsody keep on running...

Vrulja – new area, 10 new routes
Mimice – new area – 6 new routes

on Slovenski san 8a+. Future is here, says Gorobey

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