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Post published: 31.05.2012
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Dalmatia Climbing Team



Dalmatia Climbing Team are few climbers from Split, the largest town in Dalmatia, and second largest in Croatia. We are the members of sport climbing club “Marulianus”, first of a kind in the area of Balkan.

We love our country and we want you to have fun and safe climbing in Croatia!

We take care of our climbing crags, and equipping new areas, we make topos and share them for small fee, not to make the profit but just to make sure we will be able to continue in the same direction, promoting great and safe rock climbing in Croatia.

Our instructors are highly experienced climbers with license. We organize rock climbing trips for years, together with rock climbing schools for locals but also for foreigners.

Insurance issue is regulated according the law and we do provide it for each participant on our trips, but at the same time we recommend for each individual to make your own policy for your own safety.

Idea with @DalmatiaClimbing was to promote our climbing community and our country, helping you to locate climbing destinations in Dalmatia you would like to visit or helping you to join some of our rock climbing trips. 

Thank you for visiting this web site and we hope it will meet your needs!

Dalmatia Climbing Team 

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Dalmatia climbing

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Climbing guides broth to you by local climbing community - Dalmatia Climbing Team & Sport Climbing Club Marulianus
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